7. Real-time monitoring using Websocket

7. Real-time monitoring using Websocket

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This video below contains a brief explanation and a simple application for those who are new to Sollae Systems’ PHPoC programmable devices.

We will go over an application of real-time monitoring by using Websocket.
You will be able to check incoming serial data of temperature via Websocket in real time on a web page.

Process Diagram

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Sample Source & Library
You need sample source and library to try application in the video.
Go to PHPoC Forum to download it.

- sn_tcp_ws.php (Websocket Library)
- Existing Source File

Tutorial Video
※ Watch this video with 720p(HD) for best screen quality.

phpBB [video]

Result Source
Firmware v1.1.0:
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7. Real-time monitoring using Websocket
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