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PHPoC Black

PHPoC Black (P4S-341) is a wired LAN programmable board embedded with a PHPoC interpreter. It supports various interfaces to connect with sensors and equipment. With PHPoC Black, you can monitor and control your equipment from a remote site via web browser. Also, it is designed to be stackable for you to implement additional functions with PHPoC expansion boards.




Core Cortex-M4 168MHz
Flash System-512K Bytes, User-512K Bytes
SRAM 192K Bytes

Power Input
Input Voltage 5V±10%
Input Port DC jack or USB device port
Max Current DC jack : 1.5A, USB device port : 500mA

Network Interface
Ethernet 10 Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet

USB Interface
USB Host USB Host interface for expansion board
USB Device PC interface for programming

Type 3.3V CMOS level digital I/O
Ports Maximum 22 ports
Mode Input/Output, push-pull/open-drain, pull-up/pull-down

UART 2 ports (RXD, RXD, RTS, CTS) with hardware flow control
SPI 1 port
I2C 1 port (100Kbps or 400Kbps)

Resolution 12bits
Channels 6

Hardware Timer/Counter
Mode PWM output, Pulse output, Toggle output, Capture
Unit mili-seconds or micro-seconds
Channels 4

Battery CR1225 Coin Battery (48mAh)
Peripherals Realtime Clock, 4KB Backup SRAM

System LED Power, Status, 3.3V, PWR5
User LED uio0.30, uio0.31

Power Output
3.3V Max Current 1A
PWR5 + 3.3V Max Current 1.5A

Dimension 66.5mm X 63.8mm X 13mm
Weight about 30g