1. Output Ports

Output ports are interfaced with a 5mm spaced terminal block which has 8 terminals. Every output port is connected to a relay and each port can be selected NO (Normal Open) or NC (Normal Close) by a jumper. Output ports' range of use is as follows:

Voltage (DC) Max. Permissible Current
30V 2A

※ Caution : It may result in product malfunction to use beyond the maximum permissible current. Be sure to use it considering the peak current of a connected device.

2. SLAVE ID Switch

A slave ID is used when PHPoC shield identifies each smart expansion board. So, each smart expansion board, which is connected to a PHPoC shield, should have a unique slave ID. The slave ID can be set one of the numbers from 1 to 14 by 4 DIP switches as follows:


3. LED

This board has five LEDs.

LED Description
STS when slave id is valid > repeat on and off every second
when slave id is invalid > blinks very quickly
when it failed to communicate with a PHPoC shield > off
0 turned ON with output 0 is ON
1 turned ON with output 1 is ON
2 turned ON with output 2 is ON
3 turned ON with output 3 is ON