Setting a Division Rate

Set a division rate of micro step by using setMode() function.


Current Limiting

Before starting the stepper motor, it is necessary to set the limit current to maintain each state for the following three states.

state function for current limiting
stop step.setVrefStop(vref)
drive step.setVrefDrive(vref)
lock step.setVrefLock(vref)

Setting a Resonance Range

You can set a resonance range by using setResonance() function.

step.setResonance(low, high)

Setting a Rotation Speed

You can set a rotation speed by using setSpeed() function.


Setting Acceleration and Deceleration

You can set both acceleration and deceleration by using setAccel() function.

step.setAccel(accel, decel)

Setting a Counter Position

You can set a counter position by using setPosition() function.


Setting Digital Input Ports

You can set digital input ports by using setEioMode() function.

step.setEioMode(id, mode)