Control and Information Commands

uname command

This command returns PHPoC version, processor information, and hardware information. It requires a parameter string starting with '-' and supports multiple parameters with a parameter character. Example: system("uname -sv");

Parameter Description
s PHPoC engine name
v PHPoC engine version
p Processor information
i Hardware platform information

The following is an example of the uname command.

// when the product is PBH-101
echo system("uname -s"), "\r\n";  // OUTPUT: PHPoC
echo system("uname -v"), "\r\n";  // OUTPUT: 1.0.0
echo system("uname -i"), "\r\n";  // OUTPUT: PBH-101
echo system("uname -p"), "\r\n";  // STM32F407 Cortex-M4F 168MHz
echo system("uname -svpi"), "\r\n";
// OUTPUT: PHPoC 1.0.0 STM32F407 Cortex-M4F 168MHz PBH-101