Peripherals (JP1)

Analog Input: ADC

P4S-342 provides 6 ADC input channels.
To use the ADC, the reference voltage input is required. When VDDA-AREF jumper is connected, 3.3V is connected to the reference voltage input pin.

※ VDD-AREF jumper is connected on the P4S-342 when shipped from the factory.

When directly inputting the reference voltage without using JP4, input it with the AREF pin.

※ Caution: Inputting a voltage to the AREF pin while the VDDA-AREF jumper is connected may cause the product to malfunction. Therefore, before connecting the voltage to the AREF pin, make sure that the jumper is NOT connected.

Specification of an ADC port is as follows:

Parameter Value
Resolution 12 bits (0 ~ 4095)
Input Type DC Voltage (Max. 3.3V)
Number of Channel 6 channels
Interfaced Pin Label AREF, AD0 ~ 5

Hardware Timer: HT

P4S-342 provides 4 hardware timers called HT.
Specification of HT is as follows:

Parameter Value
Mode Output mode(toggle, pulse, PWM), Capture mode
Unit ms(millisecond) or us(microsecond)
Number of Channel 4 channels
Interfaced Pin Label HT0 ~ 3

Digital Inputs/Outputs: UIO

P4S-342 provides 24 digital I/O ports including 22 universal I/O ports (numbered 0 to 21) and 2 LED ports (numbered 30 and 31). Two LEDs on board are assigned to number 30 and 31. The pins numbered 0 to 21 can be available to be set digital input or output but note that pins which are shared with serial interfaces (numbered 0 to 13) cannot be available to use a digital input or output while they are being used by the serial communication (UART, SPI and I2C).

Parameter Description Min.[V] Max.[V] Current
VIH HIGH level input 2.31 - -
VIL LOW level input 0 0.99 -
VOH HIGH level output 2.9 - ±8mA(CMOS)
VOH HIGH level output 2.4 - ±8mA(TTL)
VOL LOW level output - 0.4 ±8mA(CMOS/TTL)

※ Note: Each UIO port is 5V tolerant in input mode and the maximum driving current is ±8mA in output mode.

Serial: UART

P4S-342 provides 2 UART ports.
Specification of UART is as follows:

Division Value
Number of Port 2
Interfaced Pin Label UART0: Required(U0TX/4, U0RX/5, GND), Optional(U0RTS/8, U0CTS/9)
UART1: Required(U1TX/10, U1RX/11, GND), Optional(U1RTS/12, U1CTS/13)
Signal Level 3.3V
Baud Rate 1,200 ~ 230,400 [bps]
Data bit 8 / 7(Parity is required to use 7 data bit mode)
Stop bit 1 / 2
Flow Control NONE, RTS/CTS

Serial: SPI

P4S-342 provides a SPI interface.
Specification of SPI is as follows:

Parameter Value
Number of Port 1
Signal Level 3.3V
Interfaced Pin Label NSS/0, SCLK/1, MOSI/2, MISO/3
SPI mode mode 0 ~ 3
Bit Order LSB > MSB or MSB > LSB
Transmission Unit 8bit or 16bit
Basic Clock Speed 42㎒
Frequency 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 / 128 / 256

Serial: I2C

P4S-342 provides an I2C interface.
Specification of I2C is as follows:

Parameter Value
Number of Port 1
Signal level 3.3V
Interfaced Pin Label SCL, SDA
Data Rate Standard mode(100Kbps) or Fast mode(400Kbps)
Address Type 7bits

Smart expansion Procedure Call: SPC

P4S-342 provides an SPC interface for communication with smart expansion boards.
Specification of SPC is as follows:

Parameter Value
Number of Port 1
Signal level 3.3V
Interfaced Pin Lable STX, SRX, SRO

※ Refer to the PHPoC Device Programming Guide for p40 for detailed information about peripherals.