Simple WLAN Connection

P4S-342 enters into Button Setup Mode when you push function button in normal state. In this mode, Simple WLAN Connection function is activated if an USB WLAN adapter is connected so you can access to P4S-342 by smartphone or laptop by WLAN.

※ Only the task for not basic task but web interface runs in the Button Setup Mode.
※ Simple WLAN Connection function is available by connecting a USB WLAN adapter.


Once WLAN Easy Connect function is activated in the Button setup mode, P4S-342 uses SSID including its own MAC address like an AP. SSID is contained the second half of the P4S-342's MAC address after "phpoc_" which is a prefix.
For example, if the MAC address is "0030f9060101", the SSID is "phpoc_060101".

WLAN Connection

Find the SSID of P4S-342 via a smartphone or laptop.



While using WLAN Easy Connect function, a mobile automatically gets a dynamic IP address from your P4S-342. The IP address of P4S-342 is fixed to and mobile obtains an IP address in 192.168.X.X range.

Access to Product

After uploading a setting page to P4S-342, you can access to it by web browser.