Serial Transmission Delay

The command to set serial transmission delay is txdelay. This setting is to add a delay time between each byte when the PES-2406 transmits data to the serial port.

"set txdelay (bits)"

Specify delay time to bits. The setting unit is bit and the value can be set from 0 to 30000.

include "/lib/sd_spc.php";

$sid = 14;

spc_request_dev($sid, "set uart 115200N81");

spc_request_dev($sid, "set txdelay 10");
echo spc_request_dev($sid, "get txdelay"), "\r\n"; // output: 10

spc_request_dev($sid, "set txdelay 0");
echo spc_request_dev($sid, "get txdelay");         // output: 0