1. RS-232 Port

The RS-232 port of the PES-2406 is a D-SUB 9-pin male connector. The pin map is as follows.


Number Name Description Level I/O Wiring
1 DCD Data Carrier Detect RS-232 In Optional
2 RXD Receive Data RS-232 In Required
3 TXD Transmit Data RS-232 Out Required
4 DTR Data Terminal Ready RS-232 Out Optional
5 GND Ground Ground - Required
6 DSR Data Set Ready RS-232 In Optional
7 RTS Request To Send RS-232 Out Optional
8 CTS Clear To Send RS-232 In Optional
9 RI Ring Indicator RS-232 In Optional

2. SLAVE ID Switch

A slave ID is used when PHPoC board identifies each smart expansion board. So, each smart expansion board, which is connected to a PHPoC board, should have a unique slave ID. The slave ID can be set one of the numbers from 1 to 14 by 4 DIP switches as follows:


3. LED

PES-2406 has 10 LEDs. Two of these are STS LEDs that indicate the status of the board. The one, on the top of the board, is connected to 3.3V and the other one, on the bottom of the board is connected to 5V. The rest eight of them are LEDs indicating various states of serial communication. The operation and meanings of each LED are as follows:

Name Quantity Type Color Operation
STS 2 SMD Red ID setting is normal > Repeated on / off every 1 second
ID setting is incorrect > Fast flashing
TX 2 DIP, SMD Green Blinks when sending data to the serial port
RX 2 DIP, SMD Yellow Blinks when receiving data to the serial port
CTS 1 SMD Yellow On when CTS signal is ON
RTS 1 SMD Green On when RTS signal is ON
DSR 1 SMD Yellow On when DSR signal is ON
DTR 1 SMD Green On when DTR signal is ON