Class and Functions


To use this extension board, use the ExpansionPhotoInput class of the PHPoC Expansion library.

Member Functions

Available member functions of the ExpansionPhotoInput class are as follows:

Member Function Description
int getPID(void) get the product's ID
char *getName(void) get the product's name
ExpansionPhotoInput(int sid, int port) create an instance of a specific input port
bool isOn(void) return true when an input port is ON
bool isOff(void) return true when an input port is OFF
void setDelay(int ms) set valid time(millisecond)

setDelay Function

If the input signal level changes but does not be maintained for the specified delay time, this board will ignore it. The unit is milliseconds and the setting range is 1 to 30,000. If set to zero, the minimum value is applied. This delay time takes effect until the another setting for the same port is run.

This function is designed to avoid impact of the chattering phenomenon. This phenomenon happens when a manual switch repeatedly turns on and off in a short time because of vibration of the contact. This may cause malfunction in some kind of application.