Evaluation Board

This evaluation board is only can be used with P4M-400.


1. USB Host Port for Connection with WLAN adapter

This board provides a USB host port for an USB WLAN adapter. You can connect P4M-400 to 802.11b/g wireless LAN by connecting a wireless LAN adapter to this port.

※ Caution: Only adapters using Ralink RT3070/5370 chipsets are available.

2. Power

3. USB Device Port for connection with PC

The USB device port is to connect with PC. You can access to P4M-400 via the development tool(PHPoC Debugger) by connecting USB cable to this port. You can supply DC 5V power through this port.

4. ISP Button

If this button is pressed, LOW signal is connected to the ISP# pin.

5. Ethernet

This port provides 10/100Base-TX Ethernet interface of P4M-400. Internal LEDs (L0 and L1) can be operated by connecting jumper on P6. The LEDs are LOW active.

6. Reset Button

If this button is pressed, LOW signal is connected to the RESET# pin.

7. Battery

The CR1225 of RENATA is embedded as battery for RTC. The battery socket is also compatible with CR1220.

※ Refer to the datasheet for more information about the battery

8. LED

There are two LEDs on this board.

LED Color Description
3.3V red supplying power > ON
P8 connected LED green user-defined LED

9. JP1 / JP2 / JP3 / JP4

Name Description
JP1 PHPoC board-compatible interface socket
JP2 PHPoC board-compatible socket
JP3 PHPoC board-compatible socket
JP4 reserved

The pin numbers of JP1 are as follows:


※ JP1, JP2 and JP3 are designed to connect expansion boards for PHPoC boards.

10. P1 / P2 / P3 / P4

P1, P2, P3 and P4 are ports to connect P4M-400.

※ Note : The positions of the P1 to P4 connectors are designed asymmetrically to prevent miss insertion and reverse insertion of the module.

11. P5

If the jumper on this port is connected, 3.3V is supplied as a reference voltage pin (AREF) for ADC.

12. P6

It is a connector for signal input to LED on RJ45. Pins are connected to the L0 and L1 pins of the RJ45. The LEDs are LOW active.

13. P7

This port is reserved for the future use. Keep the jumper position on 1 and 2.


14. P8

This port is for selecting usage of UIO0.14 of P4M-400. The UIO0.14 can be connected to the 22th pin(14) of JP1 or the user-defined LED.

Jumper position Description
evb_p8_1 connect UIO0.14 to the 22th pin of JP1(14)
evb_p8_2 connect UIO0.14 to the user-defined LED

15. P9

The UIO0.15 is connected to the 24th pin of JP1(15). Be sure to connect jumpers as shown in the following figure.