Operating as an AP


To operate the shield as an AP, you must set the wireless LAN mode to Soft AP. Soft AP is a mode for creating a 1: 1 wireless network between a mobile device (or laptop) and a shield. The shield acts like an AP when in this mode, so you can connect your mobile device with a shield via wireless LAN.

※Caution : You CANNOT connect the shield to the Internet in this mode. When you want to connect your shield to the Internet, follow the instruction of Connecting to an AP.

Operating as an AP

  1. Connect to the web setup page of shield according to the instructions of Set for the First Time.


  2. Move to the SETUP page.


  3. Click the [NETWORK] > [Wi-Fi] menu.


  4. Press the [Search] button of [Channel] after selecting the [Wi-Fi Mode] to [Soft AP].


  5. Choose a channel which is not busy on the list and press the [Select] button.


  6. Input a name of wireless LAN in [SSID] box and click the [SAVE].


  7. Setting is done if the message is shown.


  8. Search the SSID and connect your mobile to it.


  9. Run a web browser and connect to