Hardware Specifications

Block Diagram



The dimensions of P4S-347-R2 are as follows: (Unit: mm)



The weight is about 23.9g(without USB Wireless LAN dongle).

Communication with Arduino

PHPoC Shield for Arduino communicates to Arduino via SPI through ICSP header. SPI interface of the Arduino Uno and Mega is as follows:

Pin Uno Mega
MOSI 11 51
MISO 12 50
CLK 13 52
SS 10 10

On the Mega, the pin 53 must be kept as an output or the SPI interface won't work.

Connectors & Components


  1. USB Port

    It supports IEEE 802.11b/g wireless LAN. Connect a USB WIFI dongle to this port.

    You must use a USB WIFI dongle equipped with Ralink RT3070 or RT5370 chipset.

  2. Micro USB Port

    It is a reserved port.

  3. MicroSD Socket

    It provides a microSD card socket. Arduino directly communicates with SD memory through SPI. The SS pin of SPI for selecting SD memory communication is 4.

  4. Built-in Battery

    It provides a built-in battery for RTC features and saving log information.

  5. SETUP Button

    It is used to change or to initialize environment values to default value.

  6. RESET Button

    This button is for product reset.

  7. SPC Port

    It is for communication with smart expansions for PHPoC shields.

LED Indicators

This shield has 3 LEDs to indicate the status.