First Use (Web Serial Monitor)

Below is the process of monitoring the serial port of the Arduino using a smartphone. If you are new to PHPoC WiFi Shield for Arduino, follow our step-by-step guide.

First Use (Web Serial Monitor)

  1. Connect PHPoC WiFi shield for Arduino to your Arduino.

    Connect to Uno

  2. Insert a USB WIFI dongle to the shield.

    Insert WLAN dongle

  3. Connect the Arduino to your PC with a USB cable.

    connect to PC

  4. Run Arduino IDE on your PC.

    Run Arduino IDE

  5. Write sketch below and upload it to your Arduino.

    write sketch

  6. With your smartphone, connect to the wireless network starting with “phpoc_”.

    Connect to WLAN

  7. Run a web browser once it is properly connected to the wireless LAN.

    Web browsers

  8. Connect to the shield by entering “” in the address bar.

    Web Access

  9. Select “Web Serial Monitor” on the main page.

    Web Serial Monitor

  10. Select the speed to “9600” and press the “Connect” button.


  11. Once the connection is established, you can monitor the serial port of Arduino.