Manual IP Address Setup

  1. Connect to Web setup page of PHPoC WiFi Shield for Arduino.

    Web Access

  2. Move to SETUP page.

    Go to SETUP Page

  3. Select “Static IP Address” for IP Address Type.

    Static IP

  4. Input IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway IP address and DNS IP address.

    Input IP

    The IP address must be unique within the network. If you connect the shield to a public network, please make sure whether IP address is already in use or not. If there is a manager in charge of IP address assignment in the environment, we recommend to get assistance from the manager.

  5. Click the “SAVE” on the top right of the page.


  6. Once the setup is completed, the Web browser will be reconnected to its IP address.


  7. To confirm the assigned IP address, follow the instructions from Verify the IP Address.