Connect Shield to WLAN Router or AP


In order to connect the PHPoC Shield for Arduino to a WIFI router or AP, you must set up your wireless LAN as infrastructure mode. This mode is the most common wireless LAN mode where a plurality of wireless network devices including AP is connected.

Connect Shield to WLAN Router or AP

  1. Connect to the Web setup page of PHPoC Shield for Arduino according to the instructions from Set for the First time.

    Web Access

  2. Move to the SETUP page.

    Go to Setup page

  3. Select “Infrastructure” for WLAN mode in the Wireless LAN category.


  4. Click “Search” in the SSID.

    Search WLAN

  5. Search and select the AP you are going to connect on the new popup AP List page.

    Select WLAN

  6. Enter AP security key for the Shared Key.

    Enter Shared Key

  7. Click “SAVE” on the top right.


  8. The message below indicates that the setup is complete.