Web Serial Monitor

Serial Monitor is provided by Arduino IDE and can be used to debug source codes or to output the results. PHPoC Shield for Arduino provides the same function with the serial monitor via web. With your smartphone, you can operate whenever or wherever without connecting Arduino to the PC because of its web-based features.
After finishing the steps below, try modifying this example to monitor values from sensors.

Using Web Serial Monitor

  1. Connect the shield to the network according to Connecting to Network.

  2. Install Phpoc Library on your PC according to Installing the Library.

  3. Run the Arduino IDE from the PC.

    Arduino IDE

  4. Open the "DateTime" example to confirm the web serial monitor feature.


  5. After checking the loaded examples, upload them to the Arduino.


  6. Now run a web browser on your smartphone or PC and connect to the IP address of the shield.

    Web Access

    Please, check Verify The IP Address if you do not know the IP address.

  7. Click "Web Serial Monitor".

    Web Serial Monitor

  8. Set the rate to "9600" and click "Connect".


  9. Once it is successfully connected, it will output the date and time as shown in the serial monitor.

    Verify on Web

  10. Click on the button in the serial monitor of Arduino IDE, you can see the same output.

    Verify on Arduino