Set for the First Time

The existing Arduino Ethernet and WIFI shields set IP address and MAC address in the source codes. Unlike those shields, PHPoC Shield for Arduino provides a function which manages environment parameters related to the network of the shield itself. Using this shield, therefore, makes Arduino source codes more concise.

Here is how to set up parameters related to wired/wireless network on PHPoC Shield for Arduino for the first time. A smart phone or laptop is required for wireless LAN connection settings.

Set for The First Time

  1. Connect PHPoC Shield for Arduino to your Arduino. Connect to Uno

  2. Input power to the Arduino.

    Input Power

  3. Insert a USB WIFI dongle to the shield.

    Insert WLAN dongle

  4. Push SETUP button on the shield once.

    push SETUP button

  5. With your laptop or smartphone, connect to the wireless network starting with “phpoc_”.

    Connect to WLAN

  6. Run the web browser once it is properly connected to the wireless LAN.

    Web browsers

  7. Connect to the shield by entering “” in the address bar.

    Web Access

  8. Once it is connected to the setup page, you can configure the network environment.

    Go to Setup page

  9. This is the screen of basic setup page.

    Go to Setup page