Web Remote Control (Push)

Using the web remote control, you can control Arduino remotely by sending specific data to the Arduino on the Web. PHPoC Shield for Arduino provides the ability to send data to the Arduino using buttons on the Web.
After finishing the steps below, try modifying this example to control LED, motor or other devices.

Using the Web Remote Control (Push)

  1. Connect the shield to the network according to Connecting to Network.

  2. Install Phpoc Library to your PC according to Installing The Library.

  3. Run the Arduino IDE from the PC.

    Arduino IDE

  4. Open the "WebRemotePush" example.

    Load Example

  5. Check and upload the example to the Arduino.


  6. Click the serial monitor of Arduino IDE.

    Web Serial Monitor

  7. Check the IP address of the shield and leave the windows open.

    Verify IP

  8. Now run a web browser on your smartphone or PC and connect to the IP address of the shield.

    Web Access

  9. Click "Web Remote Control / Push".

    Web Remote Control Push

  10. Click "Connect" to connect to the shield.


  11. After the connection, check if the status of the A, B, and C buttons are appeared on the serial monitor of Arduino IDE. (release state)

    Verify Initial State

  12. Press button 'A' two times from the web.

    Press button

  13. Verify the state of button 'A' is updated on the Arduino Serial Monitor IDE.

    Verify Operation

This example only processes for these three buttons (A, B, C). Add the rest of buttons to Arduino codes yourself.