Device Related Functions

PHPoC provides a bunch of internal functions for using devices as follows:

Function Use Format
pid_bind pid_bind(PID[, IP, PORT]);
pid_close pid_close(PID);
pid_connect pid_connect(PID, IP, PORT);
pid_ioctl pid_ioctl(PID, COMMAND);
pid_listen pid_listen(PID, [BACKLOG]);
pid_open pid_open(PID[, FLAG]);
pid_read pid_read(PID, BUF[, LEN]);
pid_recv pid_recv(PID, BUF[, LEN, FLAG]);
pid_recvfrom pid_recvfrom(PID, BUF[, LEN, FLAG, IP, PORT]);
pid_send pid_send(PID, BUF[, LEN, FLAG]);
pid_sendto pid_sendto(PID, BUF[, LEN, FLAG, IP, PORT]);
pid_write pid_write(PID, BUF[, LEN]);

※ Refer to the PHPoC Internal Functions document for detailed information of internal functions.