Remote Connection

The remote connection function is to connect the PHPoC debugger and the product via the network instead of the USB cable. Even with a remote connection, you can use almost all of the functions such as product settings, script editing and debugging. For a remote connection, the product must have a remote connection setup.

※ How to set up remote connections for PHPoC products

Remote connection procedure

Select COM Port as [Network] and click Connect(connect) button. Select the [COM Port] as [Network] and click Connect button.


Press the [Connect] button after setting the IP address, URI path, port and selecting protocol.


※ You can find the URI Path, Port and the protocol value on the [PDB Net] tab of the [Network Information] window. etc_remote_04

Searching products

If the PHPoC product is on your PC's local network, you can use the product search function. If you click the [Search] button in the [Network Connection Settings] window, all the PHPoC products connected to the local network are searched.


Select the product and click [Connect] button to try remote connection immediately.


Uploading Firmware, creating & saving a certification and creating & changing a password are not available on the remote connection. Please connect your product via USB cable to use these functions.