Connection via Network

The connection via network function is to connect the PHPoC debugger and the product via the network instead of the USB cable. Even you connect your product via network, you can use almost all of the functions such as product settings, script editing and debugging. For using the connection via network function, the product is required to be setting related to the function.

※ How to set up the connection via network for PHPoC products

Select COM Port as [Network] and click Connect(connect) button then you can see the Network Connection window.


Search Connection

If the PHPoC product is on a local network, you can use the Search connection function. This function searches for products on the local network and connects to the products found. If you click the [Search] button in the Network connection window, all the PHPoC products on the local network will be searched.


Select the product and click [Connect] button to try remote connection immediately.

Manual Connection

This function connects directly to your product after filling the items which are required to connection via network. Press the [Connect] button after inputting the IP address, URI path, port and selecting protocol on the Manual connection tab.

※ It is recommended to enable the Remote debugger option in the product settings for using this function.



In contrast with USB connection, there are some restrictions with the connection via network.

Division Network
Configuring Password Not available Available
(except for the admin password)
Uploading F/W Not available Not available Available
Managing Certificates Not available Available Available