User Interface

User Interface


1. Menu bar

Menu Sub menu Description
File New Create a new php file
Upload a poc file Upload a poc format file
Save selected file(s) Save selected files in file list to local PC
Save a poc file Save all files in file list to local PC (.poc)
Edit Undo Undo the latest job
Redo Redo the latest job undone
Cut Cut the selected text and copy it to the clipboard
Copy Copy the selected text to the clipboard
Paste Paste text from the clipboard
Select all Select all texts
Find Find the specified text
Find Next Find the next text by down direction
Find Previous Find the next text by up direction
Change Replace the specified text with given text
Preferences Program preference
Function System information Product/Firmware, Flash files, IP Address,
Wireless LAN, ARP/NDC Table, PDB Net
Smart expansion board information Smart expansion board information and
Check for updates menu
View error log PHP, Firmware, SYS/Stdout tx
Reboot a product Reboot a product
Firmware Debug mode Enable/disable Firmware debugging mode
PHP Debug mode Enable/disable PHP debugging mode
Font Change font
Language Change language
Software information Information about PHPoC Debugger and
Check for update button
help Debugger manual(online) Go to PHPoC debugger manual page
PHPoC manual(online) Go to manual page of
Forum Go to PHPoC forum
  • Preferences
Menu Sub menu Description
View View margin Show/hide margin
View line number Show/hide line number on margin
View current line Enable/disable current line emphasis
Line ratio Set line space:
100, 120, 150, 200, 300
Tab size Set tab size: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16
Action of file add Internal editor Use the internal editor
External editor Use an external editor
Ask Show select option every time
Backup path Path of backup files and log files
Initialization Enter initialization
Set product to initialization mode
Updating the Debugger Automatically check Check for the updates every time
debugger runs
mDNS service subtype mDNS service subtype


Part for choosing a virtual USB COM port

3. Buttons

Button Description
introduce_phpocd_02 Connect to PHPoC product
introduce_phpocd_03 Disconnect from PHPoC product
introduce_phpocd_04 Configure environmental values of PHPoC product
introduce_phpocd_05 Upload files on [File list] to PHPoC product
introduce_phpocd_06 Stop running PHPoC codes
introduce_phpocd_07 introduce_phpocd_08 Run/pause PHPoC codes
introduce_phpocd_09 Run line by line
introduce_phpocd_10 Run procedure by procedure

4. File list

List of files saved PHPoC product or to be uploaded.

Icon Description
introduce_phpocd_11 Synchronized files
introduce_phpocd_12 Files on PHPoC product before synchronization
introduce_phpocd_13 Files on local PC before synchronization
introduce_phpocd_14 Synchronized files on local PC for external editors

The following menus will be popped up when right clicking on file list area.

Menu Description
Run Run the script selected immediately
Change the filename Modify a file name
Delete Delete files on the list
File information Show the information of a selected file
New Create a new php file
Add Add files from local PC
Change firmware Upload the firmware selected to PHPoC

5. Editor

Showing and editing contents of selected file on the file list. The following menus will be popped up when right clicking on editor area.

Menu Description Shortcut
Toggle Breakpoint Set / Unset break point on current line F9
Remove All Breakpoints Unset all break points on current file Shift+F9
Step Into Run line by line F11
Step Over Run procedure by procedure F10
Run to the current line Run and pause before executing the current line -
Cut Cut the selected codes and copy it to the clipboard Ctrl+X
Copy Copy the selected codes to the clipboard Ctrl+C
Paste Paste codes from the clipboard Ctrl+V
Select all Select all codes Ctrl+A

6. Flash memory size

This shows currently available or in-use space on flash memory of PHPoC product.

7. Output / FW Log

This window is for displaying standard output and F/W log messages. The following menus will be popped up when right clicking on the windows.

Menu Description
Delete all logs Clear screen buffer
Copy Copy the selected log to the clipboard
Auto scroll Set / Unset auto scroll
Delete logs at run time Clear screen buffer every time the script runs
Save logs Save the log in the Output window and FW Log window as a file in the Backup path.

8. Watch / Resource

This window is for checking run time variable information and system resources. The following menus will be popped up when right clicking on the watch window.

Menu Description
Add Add a variable
Modify Modify a name of the selected variable
Delete Delete the selected variables
Delete all Delete all variables
Detail Create a new window for detailed information