Create init.php

Notice : Operation of PHPoC

PHPoC searches init.php file after booting. If PHPoC fails to find a file named init.php, it does not run any code. Therefore, you need to make or upload init.php to the file system of PHPoC.
You can write main scrip to init.php but PHPoC runs the file only once. If you wants to run their code more than once, write the main script in another file and load the file by using "php" command of system function. A file loaded by system function is repeatedly run even execution is ended.

Excecute Scripts

PHPoC automatically runs a script when it boots up or uploads file system. You can find the result in the Output window of PHPoC Debugger.


※ If [PHP debug mode] option of PHPoC Debugger is enabled, PHPoC does not execute a script automatically. You can manually run the script by clicking the Run button. (testrun_practice_12)