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PHPoC IoT Gateway

Examples in PSP support packet show how to do some basic networking task, embedded web, and monitor/control some well-known sensors/actuators via different ways. By learning through these examples, you will equip yourself with basic knowledge to become an IoT creator.

    • Amy's Lesson
      Transformation of Serial Data
      Content of the video is to show how to insert a string ahead of data to distinguish where it comes from.
      User's environment variable setup through the web
      Content of the video is to show how to put a string in a web page.
      Data analysing through debugging
      In this video, we will learn to test PBH-101 with a thermometer module. We will program to get the data of current temperature by analyzing serial data from the thermometer module.

      Sending E-mail when an event occurs
      In this tutorial, we will set a specific range of temperature data from a serial port. Then, when temperature is not in the range, an E-mail will be sent with temperature data.

      Saving data in Database(MySQL)
      We will go through the test how to save temperature data in DB by using a MySQL library. you need MySQL DB server to be ready as well as creating a DB, table and so on for the test.

      Real-time monitoring using Websocket
      We will go over an application of real-time monitoring by using Websocket. You will be able to check incoming serial data of temperature via Websocket in real time on a web page.