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PHPoC IoT Board Series

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PHPoC IoT Board

It is a general-purpose product line, which is designed for most of users. Equipped with most of the basic hardware interfaces (I/O, UART, I2C, SPI, ADC, TIMER/COUNTER, RTC), PHPoC IoT Board is able to interact with all kinds of sensors or actuators. Especially, a variety of expansion boards are designed to add more advanced capabilities (such as relay, DC motor, step motor controllers, etc.) to PHPoC IoT Board and bring more conveniences, flexibility and extendibility to users.

Sensors/Actuators Interfaces

PHPoC IoT Board has most of basic hardware interfaces (I/O, UART, I2C, SPI, ADC, TIMER or COUNTER, RTC), which are used to interact with sensors or actuators.

Networking Capabilities

PHPoC IoT Board has both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivities. It supports various network protocols (IPv4/IPv6, TCP/UDP, ICMP, DHCP, HTTP, SSH, SMTP, ESMTP, DNS, DDNS, MySQL ...), security protocols (WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK, WPA-Enterprise, SSL/TLS) and encryption algorithms.

Embedded Web Server

Equipped with the Web server and WebSocket server, PHPoC IoT Board enables users to develop the real-time embedded Web application. It is integrated with PHPoC interpreter, making it easy for users to interact with peripherals and create the dynamic embedded Web App.

Expansion Boards

Expansion boards are designed to provide the additional hardware and firmware for advanced capabilities (such as controlling/monitoring high-voltage devices, DC motors, step motors controllers ...), and create the firm connection to other devices. Expansion boards are stackable on PHPoC IoT Board. Expansion boards are categorized into PHPoC Expansion Board and PHPoC Smart Expansion Board.

PHPoC Expansion Board

This kind of boards can be stacked on PHPoC IoT board, providing the additional hardware such as Breadboard, RS232, RS422, RS485 and so on, and standardized connectors and sockets such as Grove interface, mikroBUS™ socket, pitch terminal block and so on. Pinouts of expansion board connect directly to pins of PHPoC IoT Board. Therefore, by using expansion board, PHPoC IoT Board can interact directly with sensors/actuators.

PHPoC Smart Expansion Board

This kind of boards can be stacked on PHPoC IoT board, providing not only the additional hardware but also firmware (for advanced capabilities such as controlling DC motor, step motor...). Operation of Smart Expansion Board is controlled by PHPoC IoT board via a definite set of commands, through a specific port. Smart Expansion Board can be specified by a slave ID number among 14 different ID numbers available that you can set by a DIP switch. These boards help save costs and make flexible and expandable during development.

Who can use PHPoC IoT Board?

icon PHPoC is easy to learn and use. Regardless of hardware and programming knowledge level, everyone is able to use PHPoC IoT board to make what they want quickly. icon PHPoC IoT board helps students and beginners, who do not have much knowledge of hardware and programming, take easy steps to learn embedded system and create Internet-connected devices.
icon Teachers can use this board to teach students how to program and build IoT devices. With some simple lines of code, teachers can easily explain to students how the system works, inspiring students to make bigger things. icon When new idea comes up, IoT-makers or entrepreneurs can use PHPoC IoT board to quickly make a prototyping product. If shape and size of product are not critical, PHPoC IoT Board can be used along with custom enclosure to create manu-facturable product, minimizing time and cost. When shape and size are critical, PHPoC Module can be used instead for creating manufacturable products, without the need of re-writing source code.
icon IoT hobbyists can make the life more convenient in a simple and amusing way. With PHPoC IoT Board, they can control and monitor their home from anywhere. No matter whether you are in next room or in another country, you can do anything as if you are in your home. You can make your home as your imagination. icon Engineers can use PHPoC IoT board in combination with expansion boards to make smart things for smart cities or smart industry. You can control or monitor the factory from everywhere, when you are in field site or during a business trip. With PHPoC IoT Board, the whole factory can fit into your hand.
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