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PHPoC IoT Board

For anyone. At anywhere. On anytime.
Have IoT platform on your hand!

PHPoC Blue
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Be free from all your concerns.

If you cannot enjoy your long vacation
because of your fish or plants at home,
don't worry anymore.
PHPoC can take away all those concerns you have.
With PHPoC, you are able to take care of
your lovely pets and plants from a far distance.

Yes, indeed! Enjoy your enriched hobby even more!

PHPoC is here to provide your enjoyable hobby even better!
The variety of things you own, you can operate according to your will.
By connecting various devices, such as sensors and motors,
you can realize your imagination.

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Experience an amazing
IoT life with PHPoC.

Pre-warmed living room in cold winter,
Cool house with an auto air conditioning in hot summer,
A house of comfortable temperature and humidity,
and anything in your imagination can come true with PHPoC.
PHPoC allows you to add a smart brain to your appliances.
PHPoC will bring you a convenient world
by turning on and off your devices
with a slight touch on your smartphone.
Challenge yourself to explore the new life.

PHPoC blue

PHPoC always takes one step
ahead and dedicate to inspire in IoT world.

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