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PHPoC Shield

Why PHPoC Shield for Arudino?

In the era of IoT (Internet of Things), everything should be connected to Internet.
Arduino Uno and Mega are popular hardware platforms,
and they are widely used in many applications.
However, it does not have an ability to connect to Internet.
That is the reason why PHPoC shield appears.
PHPoC shield is a bridge between Arduino and Internet.
PHPoC shield not only has all functions of WiFi shield and Ethernet shield,
but also has many advanced functions.
With PHPoC shield, Arduino can connect to Internet via wired or wireless network.

In depth, let's think about 7 layers in OSI model. PHPoC shield already has
layers from 1 to 6, and you just need to develop layer 7 (application) on Arduino.
With powerful libraries and examples, you can easily realize it.

shield background

For easy control through the web interface!
Fulfil your ambition and make your life
more convenient than ever.

PHPoC Shield for Arduino has a built-in web application.
Just by using the Web browser on your smartphone,
you can easily control anything (e.g. power, motor's speed) via the Web.
Serial monitor function is a great feature
which allows you to real-time monitor sensing data through webpage.
Change your network configuration at any time through web interface.

shield background

Make the reasonable choice to
suit your environment.

PHPoC Shield for Arduino is equipped with both Ethernet and wireless LAN functions
which you can configure the network to your preference.
PHPoC Shield will be your best choice to suit your environment.

phpoc shield

PHPoC Shield for Arduino
brings joy to use a variety of functions.

PHPoC shield is not just a shield for the network.
A built-in rechargeable battery and RTC allow to get time information
and to perform time-related functions such as scheduling and alarming.
With its E-mail library, you can get the desired information via E-mail.
It also supports a variety of protocols such as SSL, Telnet, and Web Socket.
You are now available to enjoy a variety of functions with just one shield.
This is why you need the shield.

One PHPoC Shield for Arduino delivers whatever you want.
Make it easy and convenient.

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