PHPoC IoT Gateway
-  P5H-151    -  P5H-154
-  P5H-152    -  P5H-155
-  P5H-153    -  P5H-156
Custom Solution Services
PHPoC IoT Board
-  PHPoC Black
-  PHPoC Blue
-  Expansion Board
-  Smart Expansion Board
PHPoC IoT Module
-  P4M-400
PHPoC Shield for Arduino
-  PHPoC WiFi Shield 2
-  Smart Expansion Board
Retired Products
-  PBH-101-  PHPoC Shield
-  PBH-104-  PHPoC WiFi Shield
-  PBH-204-  PHPoC Shield 2

PHPoC Common Features

Networking Interface

PHPoC offers the option to choose connection type (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) that suits your network environment.

Network Protocols

PHPoC supports various network protocols (IPv4/IPv6, TCP/UDP, ICMP, DHCP, HTTP, SSH, SMTP, ESMTP, DNS, DDNS, MySQL ...), security protocols (WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, WPA-Enterprise, SSL/TLS and encryption algorithms. Users can create their own IoT applications quickly and securely, in just some simple lines of code.

Embedded Web Server

Equipped with the Web server and WebSocket server, PHPoC allows users to develop the real-time Web applications for their IoT systems. Monitoring sensors and controlling actuators will be much more convenient.
common features