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PHPoC Shield for Arduino

PHPoC Shield for Arduino (P4S-348) is compatible with Arduino Uno or Mega products. PHPoC shield is equipped with both wired and wireless LAN functions, providing various network functions according to your environment, bring a Arduino to Internet, spreading Arduino's voice to unlimited distance. In addition to the network function, PHPoC shield supports a wide range of API. In particular, a built-in web application provides easy web applications control and network setup. Also, you can monitor the output of Arduino serial monitor via Web from a remote location in real time.

  • - Selectable networking modes
  • - Web-controllable application
  • - "Web Serial Monitor"
  • - E-mail library
  • - RTC (Real-Time Clock)
  • - Various communication protocols (TELNET, SSL, SSH, and WebSocket)
  • - Supports IPv6