PHPoC IoT Gateway
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PHPoC IoT Board
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PHPoC IoT Module
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PHPoC Shield for Arduino
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Retired Products
-  PBH-101-  PHPoC Shield
-  PBH-104-  PHPoC WiFi Shield
-  PBH-204-  PHPoC Shield 2


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Sensor Monitoring

You can monitor data from various sensors such as temperature, pressure, acceleration, fine dust, etc. PHPoC Black/Blue are equipped with ADC, I2C, SPI, UART, timer, and digital input interfaces for a variety of sensors.

Actuator Control

You can control actuators, motors or others devices connected to PHPoC Black/ Blue via digital outputs, I2C, SPI, UART. PHPoC Black/Blue gives an output of PWM up to 12units.

Web Application

You can freely compose a web page according to your environment to monitor and control a device.

WebSocket Application

PHPoC Black/Blue has builtin web server and support the standard HTML5 WebSocket to send and receive data in real time on the Web, enabling to monitor sensors and control devices remotely using web browser.


You can send an email including information of a sensor connected to PHPoC Black/Blue.

Smart Device

You can use smart devices to monitor and control connected devices.

Library & Sample Code for Internet Connection

PHPoC Black/Blue connects to Internet via Ethernet/ WiFi with a lot of supported protocols allowing to reach anywhere on Internet through various ways.

Database(MySQL) Support

You can save sensor data to the database, and the data can be looked up at any time.

Source Level Debugging

You can save development time with a source-level debugging function. When trouble occurs on a system, it can be solved quickly without stopping the operating system.

Security Protocol

PHPoC Black/Blue offer a variety of security protocols and authentication algorithm.

RTC(Real-Time Clock)

PHPoC Black/Blue have a built-in coin battery for RTC, so it can be applied in which time-related information is needed.