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PHPoC Shield for Arduino


Two Different Networking Modes

Depending on using LAN cable or USB Wireless dongle,
you can easily choose a network environment.

Web-controllable Application

You can conveniently use the product with a Web-controllable application.
* Remote control : A~I (9 command buttons) , Slide : -100 ~ +100

Easiest way of making a Web application

“Web Serial Monitor” is a function to check Arduino Serial Monitor in a webpage. With the serial monitor on a webpage, you already own a web application.

E-mail Library

You can easily realize an email sending function by using a PHPoC library.

RTC (Real-Time Clock)

With a built-in coin battery for RTC, it can be applied in which time-related information is needed.

Various Communication Protocols

SSL communication, SSH server, Telnet server, and Web socket server communication protocols are provided.

Next-generation Internet protocol, IPv6 on PHPoC

It supports both IPv4 and IPv6. Therefore, the next generation Internet protocol, IPv6, won’t cause any compatibility issues.